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Relating to your Homosexual Neighbour

Relating to your Homosexual Neighbour By Clarence Bouwman The discussion with the homosexual neighbor cannot remain focused on his sin, no more than my focus must remain on my sins; the focus must instead be: Jesus Christ died for both of our sins A previous blog post on the subject of homosexuality quoted a number […]

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Two Ways to Live, Six Steps to Encouragement

Two Ways to Live, Six Steps to Encouragement By Jim Witteveen “We often lack confidence in speaking about the good news of Jesus Christ, and we wonder if we’ll have the answers ready if people ask questions – and so we fear speaking out at all. If only to help believers to develop confidence in […]

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When God Pulls the Rug Out

By: Dr. Ed Welch   Has this happened to you? You read all the signs that were so blatantly from the Lord—“yes, this is the path, go this way, I am with you.” You have been amazed at the way he opened doors—you were scared but you walked through them. The Lord confirmed his will […]

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Wisdom, Folly and Your Education

By Clarence Bouwman   Here in the North America, our summer is just over and it’s time for classes to begin. After a summer to relax, folks have gone back to university, college or high schools.  That represents new challenges and opportunities, and raises the question: are you ready for what higher education will throw […]

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What Does Revival Look Like?

By Reformed Outfitters As we scan the pages of church history, we see that the Holy Spirit has always been present in the church through revival. In fact, the Spirit has been in continuous operation since the time of the Old and New Testaments. Many great Christian leaders experienced revival in their lives and ministries. Although […]

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The Christian Playing Field – Setting the Boundaries

By Karlo Janssen The Christian Playing Field – Setting the Boundaries Reformed Christians hold to the principle of sola Scriptura. Only the Word of God has complete and absolute authority. It means that for the Reformed Christian what he believes, how he worships, and how he lives, is shaped by what God has revealed in […]

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What’s wrong with Homosexuality?

What’s wrong with Homosexuality? by Clarence Bouwman President Obama has gone on record as now being supportive of same sex marriage.  Report has it that his daughters’ take on the subject was a contributing factor to his change of heart on the topic; these young girls (it’s said) could see no reason why marriage had […]

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Christian Music in Worship

So there is some great music out there, and as Reformed Christians we can rejoice in that fact. But if the issue of music in general can be a contentious one, the issue of the music we use in our worship services can be a cause for even more controversy…

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Contemporary Christian music

Some thoughts on contemporary Christian music (Part 1) By Jim Witteveen I’ve loved music all my life, so when I was approached to write about music for the Reformed Outfitters, I was happy to oblige. I grew up listening to music at home – from classical music, to the marches of John Philip Sousa, to […]

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Dude, Where’s Your Bride?

By Kevin DeYoung As I speak at different venues across the country, one of the recurring questions I get comes from women, young women in particular. Their question usually goes something like this: “What is up with men?” These aren’t angry women. Their question is more plaintive than petulant. I’m not quite sure why they […]

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For The Gals: 8 Principles For Dating

I recently came across a 20-year-old photo of Phil and me when we were dating. I started thinking about how very little I knew about relationships, men, and marriage then.

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The Truth About Marital Compatibility

When it comes to compatibility, my wife and I couldn’t be more different.

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Evangelism in practice (Part 3)

If we do not seriously believe that unbelievers are under the wrath of God and that we ourselves have been saved from eternal judgment by the death of Christ, we will not be greatly motivated to proclaim the gospel of salvation to others.

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Talking Rocks

A chapter from bestselling author N. D. Wilson’s, Notes from the Tilt-A-Whirl Film Series. “[God's] attention to detail, His attention to… things that don’t matter to us is really encouraging. ” “There are 8 million other people who could have been here instead of you. Are you going to be ungrateful?”   For more, see […]

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Evangelism in Historical Perspective (Part 2)

Evangelism According to the Scriptures Part 2: Evangelism in historical perspective A.J. de Visser In the previous article we looked at evangelism from a Biblical perspective. In this article we look at the approach to evangelism which we have inherited in the Canadian Reformed tradition. We are looking for answers to questions such as: How […]

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Evangelism according to the Scriptures (Part 1)

Evangelism according to the Scriptures Part 1 by Dr. A.J. De Visser Evangelism is a topic which generates a variety of opinions among Reformed believers. On one side there are many who are passionate about evangelism. They are often disappointed, sometimes even frustrated, because they perceive that Reformed churches are too inward looking and too passive in […]

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Brian Godawa: Secret Believers

Brian Godawa was the screenwriter for the movie To End All Wars.  He recently wrote the script for this short clip as well.  Powerful.

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Saving Some Is Not A Compromise

Abortion in Canada is big and it’s wrong. It’s big because there are no limits to abortion in Canada, resulting in the death of about 100,000 children in Canada every year. It’s wrong because it goes against Jesus command to love others (Matthew 22:37-40), which includes unborn babies and mothers. The truth is that abortion kills a […]

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Basics of Evangelism

We retain some mixed feelings about evangelism, particularly on the how of it. And yes, we get discouraged because we don’t see much fruit – and so the temptation arises to quit speaking the gospel or to water down what we say…

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Order of Salvation

In an excerpt from a lecture introducing the Gospel of John, Rev Chris Gordon explains the process by which people are saved from sin.

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Man Up – Biblical Masculinity

What does the bible say about being a man? What steps can you take to grow in manhood? In this lecture Clarence Bouwman works with scripture to find out.

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