Wisdom, Folly and Your Education

By Clarence Bouwman


Here in the North America, our summer is just over and it’s time for classes to begin. After a summer to relax, folks have gone back to university, college or high schools.  That represents new challenges and opportunities, and raises the question: are you ready for what higher education will throw at you in the coming months?

King Solomon, the wisest man apart from Jesus to ever live, gives some advice on the subject of choices in Proverbs 9:12. He says to his young son there: “If you are wise, your wisdom will reward you; if you are a mocker, you alone will suffer.” (NIV)

In this sermon on Proverbs 9:12 titled “Solomon teaches the youth how to respond to invitations“, Rev Bouwman speaks specifically to Young People about the offerings of Lady Wisdom and Madame Folly, and the need to make a deliberate decision as response to these two ladies.

Which of the two is more alluring to you?

 Listen to the sermon here:  http://bit.ly/OrUEGQ 
[audio: http://www.smithvillecanrc.ca/downloads/Proverbs%209_12-%20Sept%202-%20Solomon%20teaches%20his%20youth%20how%20to%20respond%20to%20invitations.mp3]