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Two Ways to Live, Six Steps to Encouragement

Two Ways to Live, Six Steps to Encouragement By Jim Witteveen “We often lack confidence in speaking about the good news of Jesus Christ, and we wonder if we’ll have the answers ready if people ask questions – and so we fear speaking out at all. If only to help believers to develop confidence in […]

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When God Pulls the Rug Out

By: Dr. Ed Welch   Has this happened to you? You read all the signs that were so blatantly from the Lord—“yes, this is the path, go this way, I am with you.” You have been amazed at the way he opened doors—you were scared but you walked through them. The Lord confirmed his will […]

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Wisdom, Folly and Your Education

By Clarence Bouwman   Here in the North America, our summer is just over and it’s time for classes to begin. After a summer to relax, folks have gone back to university, college or high schools.  That represents new challenges and opportunities, and raises the question: are you ready for what higher education will throw […]

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