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A Wedding Sermon from a Prison Cell, Part 2

  By Dietrich Bonhoeffer Continued from Part 1… God makes your Marriage Indissoluble God makes your marriage indissoluble. ‘What therefore God has joined together, let no man put asunder’ (Matthew 19:6). God joins you together in marriage; it is His act, not yours. Do not confound your love for one another with God. God makes […]

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A Wedding Sermon from a Prison Cell, Part 1

By Dietrich Bonhoeffer Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a famous pastor and theologian from the Germany of both World Wars.  He famously took part in a plot to assassinate Hitler in 1942-1943.  The plot ultimately failed, and he was arrested on April 5, 1943 in connection to that plot.  While in prison in May 1943, he wrote […]

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Does God Punish the Christian’s Sin?

By Clarence Bouwman. Originally written: 20 November 2009 We incline to answer this question as No.  For if the answer is Yes, would that not mean that I’d have to interpret the bad things happening to me as God’s punishment?  And does that not mean that I’m not forgiven of my sin?  Ouch…. Jesus Christ […]

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