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The Christian Playing Field – Setting the Boundaries

By Karlo Janssen The Christian Playing Field – Setting the Boundaries Reformed Christians hold to the principle of sola Scriptura. Only the Word of God has complete and absolute authority. It means that for the Reformed Christian what he believes, how he worships, and how he lives, is shaped by what God has revealed in […]

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2012 College and Careers Retreat

We’re excited to let you know about the 2012 College and Careers Retreat! College and Careers Retreat is a fun, motivating week at Deroche Retreat. The retreat will run from Monday, August 27 to Friday, August 31. Along with social activities, games, fellowship and worship,  Jeffery Temple will be presenting a lecture series titled ‘Faith […]

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What’s wrong with Homosexuality?

What’s wrong with Homosexuality? by Clarence Bouwman President Obama has gone on record as now being supportive of same sex marriage.  Report has it that his daughters’ take on the subject was a contributing factor to his change of heart on the topic; these young girls (it’s said) could see no reason why marriage had […]

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