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Evangelism in practice (Part 3)

If we do not seriously believe that unbelievers are under the wrath of God and that we ourselves have been saved from eternal judgment by the death of Christ, we will not be greatly motivated to proclaim the gospel of salvation to others.

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Reinterpret Paul?

New Views regarding Legalism and Exclusivism in Judaism: is there a need to reinterpret Paul? By Gerhard H. Visscher[1]   Our intention is to take a look at some of the works of E. P. Sanders and James D.G. Dunn and to evaluate the so-called “New Perspective on Paul”; the bearing of this discussion upon the task […]

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Talking Rocks

A chapter from bestselling author N. D. Wilson’s, Notes from the Tilt-A-Whirl Film Series. “[God's] attention to detail, His attention to… things that don’t matter to us is really encouraging. ” “There are 8 million other people who could have been here instead of you. Are you going to be ungrateful?”   For more, see […]

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Evangelism in Historical Perspective (Part 2)

Evangelism According to the Scriptures Part 2: Evangelism in historical perspective A.J. de Visser In the previous article we looked at evangelism from a Biblical perspective. In this article we look at the approach to evangelism which we have inherited in the Canadian Reformed tradition. We are looking for answers to questions such as: How […]

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Evangelism according to the Scriptures (Part 1)

Evangelism according to the Scriptures Part 1 by Dr. A.J. De Visser Evangelism is a topic which generates a variety of opinions among Reformed believers. On one side there are many who are passionate about evangelism. They are often disappointed, sometimes even frustrated, because they perceive that Reformed churches are too inward looking and too passive in […]

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Brian Godawa: Secret Believers

Brian Godawa was the screenwriter for the movie To End All Wars.  He recently wrote the script for this short clip as well.  Powerful.

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Saving Some Is Not A Compromise

Abortion in Canada is big and it’s wrong. It’s big because there are no limits to abortion in Canada, resulting in the death of about 100,000 children in Canada every year. It’s wrong because it goes against Jesus command to love others (Matthew 22:37-40), which includes unborn babies and mothers. The truth is that abortion kills a […]

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How Should the Pulpit Address the Pew?

Some Lessons from Paul by Dr. Gerhard H. Visscher This is Address was delivered at the College Evening, September 8, 2006.  Just how should the person on the pulpit view those who are in the pew? This question appears to be very much of concern today. I am thinking about a remark in a very recent issue […]

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Basics of Evangelism

We retain some mixed feelings about evangelism, particularly on the how of it. And yes, we get discouraged because we don’t see much fruit – and so the temptation arises to quit speaking the gospel or to water down what we say…

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