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How To Make a Sermon

How To Make a (Redemptive Historical) Sermon The following is a slightly shortened and modified translation of “A working method for the preparation of sermons on OT narrative material”, which was printed as attachment to  Dr. C. Trimp’s  booklet De Preek[1] (The Sermon).   His method consists of four phases, which he calls analysis, synthesis, administration, and evaluation.       […]

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How is Your Door Mat Looking?

By Ryan Smith Last week, my wife let me in on her personal devotions for the day.  She had been meditating on Romans 12:13 which says  “Contribute to the needs of the saints and seek to show hospitality.” It is was convicting for both of us.  Do we “seek” to show hospitality? We give our tithe […]

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How are We to Read the Bible? Part 2

  By Rev. C. Bouwman Confused… I struggled to get my head around how brothers who claim to love the Lord and His Word could say things as mentioned above.  A speech on Saturday morning helped to clarify that question for me.  The old way of reading the Bible might be called ‘foundationalism’, describing the […]

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