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How are We to Read the Bible? Part 1.

  By Rev. C. Bouwman From January 16 to 18, the Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary hosted a conference in Ancaster church on the topic caught in the title of this Bit to Read.  Actually, they used a big name for the topic: hermeneutics.  But they explained what they meant with the term: how does one […]

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Ligonier 2013, Part 2

  Cont from Part 1… By Rev. C. Bouwman Evaluation As I said, we were taught and encouraged by men of big name in today’s Christian North America. It is fitting that we recognize that each one of these men are tools the Lord God is currently using to bring His Word to bear on […]

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Ligonier 2013, Part 1

  A year ago, Rev. Bouwman attended the Ligonier Conference in Orlando, Florida.  He originally published this report of his time at the conference in one of his signature ‘Bit to Read’ articles, published for his local congregation.  RO is publishing that Bit to Read now, as it is still very much relevant now, as […]

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