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Open Up

By Karlo Janssen How open are you with your pastors? (By “Pastors” I don’t just mean your minister. Paul spoke of the elders of Ephesus as appointed shepherds of God’s flock (Acts 20:28). Peter addressed elders as shepherds (1Peter 5:1-4). Ministers are pastors. Elders are pastors too. Thus: in Abbotsford we have sixteen pastors, not […]

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Who does the Catechizing?

By Clarence Bouwman cat·e·chize v. Instruct (someone) in the principles of Christian religion With the arrival of the Catechism instruction season, it’s as good a time as any to think for a moment about Catechism instruction.  Specifically, who is responsible for catechizing the youth?  The question is an important one, if only because the answer may […]

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The Role of Office Bearers

By Karlo Janssen Equipping the Saints – the Role of Office Bearers Watch the video Download the transcript In a lecture hosted at an Office Bearers Conference in Abbotsford, British Columbia in April, 2013, Dr RC (Karlo) Janssen provides insights in the Reformed (Calvinist) tradition on how elders and deacons equip the saints. In his […]

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