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I’m not a Christian, But I’m Coming to Your Church This Sunday

By Tomas Weaver. Okay I’m not a Christian, but I’ve finally made the decision to come to your church this Sunday. Don’t expect much from me though. If something comes up I might not, but right now I’m planning on it. I feel like I need to go, but I’m not sure why. I want […]

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Offices in the Congregation

In speaking about the offices in the congregation of Christ we take on a subject that has received much attention in recent years, both in church and in theology. In current discussions about the offices we recognize at least four prominent views.

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By Clarence Bouwman Repentance It’s embarrassing but true: all around us we see people seriously messing up, ourselves included.   It happened to people in the Bible  too.  If Noah could get drunk and lie naked, if Abraham could lie about his wife being his sister, if Moses could kill the Egyptian, if David could commit […]

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A Crowd Can Make You Crazy

By: Ed Welch Crowds are scary. Many of the stupid, foolish and sinful things we do involve a crowd, even if the crowd is just one or two other people. Examples: Anytime I was in a car going way too fast, there were ‘other people’ in the car too. The old college streaking phenomena—don’t ask. […]

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Relating to your Homosexual Neighbour

Relating to your Homosexual Neighbour By Clarence Bouwman The discussion with the homosexual neighbor cannot remain focused on his sin, no more than my focus must remain on my sins; the focus must instead be: Jesus Christ died for both of our sins A previous blog post on the subject of homosexuality quoted a number […]

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